The iNTTerconnected Americas Virtual Summit

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Enabling your hybrid workplace

We're counting down the days to our exclusive virtual iNTTerconnected summit – the first of its kind!

What to look forward to

During the summit, we'll introduce you to the iNTTerconnected world, where technology has the power to bring all things and all people together — and change our world for the better.

We’ll share our experiences in helping organizations to accelerate their business transformation, capture emerging opportunities, disrupt their industries for good and shape a better society for us to live and work in.

We’ll also spend time reflecting on the new reality of hybrid working and how businesses can craft and execute winning digital, flexible and secure workplace strategies that put people first.

Our team of experts will delve into key discussion topics and be on hand to answer your questions and share ideas.

We’ve segmented our summit into two tracks so you can tune in to the sessions in which you have a particular interest. We’ll also make all the content available on-demand if you’d like to listen to any of the tracks you’ve not chosen.

So, take a look at our agenda, choose your track and secure your seat!


11:00-11:30 EST – Our iNTTerconnected world

Discover how to create the digital fiber that connects your business from the edge to the cloud, and from the factory floor to the high-rise office.

11:30-11:50 EST – Keynote: Accelerate your hybrid workplace transformation

Learn how NTT can help you accelerate workplace transformation by architecting new ways of working that are hybrid, flexible and secure.

Choose your track

Track A

Support new ways of working with a modernized network, while increasing productivity

11:50–12:35 EST
Expand your hyper distributed network for hybrid workplace

As hybrid workstyles evolve and more employees return to the office, learn how to optimize your network securely; gain deep insights through automation, AI ops-enabled platforms and analytics; and enhance the digital experiences of all your users.

12:35–13:20 EST
Enhance employee experience with collaboration and communication for the hybrid workplace

In light of changing workstyles, your technology and collaboration tools will need to support a range of employee profiles and work location preferences, and do so securely. Explore how best to integrate productivity workloads and leverage new services to unlock more meaningful data, implement relevant governance and transform the employee experience.

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Track B

Deliver frictionless experiences while minimizing cyber-risk

11:50–12:35 EST
Optimize your enterprise applications for a multi-cloud world with cloud for the hybrid workplace

As you adopt a cloud-first approach to unlock superior customer and employee experience, discover new ways to architect and enable a hybrid delivery model without sacrificing productivity, cost and security.

12:35–13:20 EST
Secure new ways of working from anywhere with cybersecurity for the hybrid workplace

Identify the risks to your business as you embrace hybrid working and move from a macro to a micro understanding of your security posture. Ensure that each user, device, application and endpoint is protected with a secure by design approach.

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