Mission Critical Data Center for Resilience
Hong Kong Tai Po Data Center
The pandemic has further accelerated the shift to digital and fundamentally shaken up the business landscape. One significant change is the transition to remote work. A recent Gartner research study revealed that 74% of companies are planning a permanent shift to more remote work post COVID-191, coupled with a rise in cyberthreats at the same time.

Therefore it is critical to have a well thought-out plan for resilient IT infrastructure to mitigate risks and enable mobilize workforces to prepare for the new normal. Companies need to rethink their disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity plans to not only ensure there is no business disruption, but also that their business and client’s sensitive data are well-protected and transmitted securely.

When selecting resilient data centers, companies must factor in many considerations including:
Optimal location
•  Provide geographic separation between the primary and secondary data centers to mitigate risks
•  Complies with regulations, particularly for countries that require company to host data within the territory
•   Secure, seamless and reliable connectivity between the primary and secondary data centers, as well as the company’s cloud environment, to ensure data is transmitted securely and in a timely manner
•   High scalability to increase or decrease bandwidth as needed
•   A high availability data center facility with a 100% uptime service level
Redundant Utilities
•   Ensure there is no single point of failure and that the data center will stay up and running at all times

•   Robust connectivity to multiple cloud service providers (CSPs) to support the company’s hybrid IT environment, ensuring application performance, security and user experience

Our Hong Kong Tai Po Data Center provides the optimal choice to achieve your resiliency goals.
•  Tier III+ infrastructure
•  Dedicated purpose-built data center premises
•  100% uptime service level
•  Co-locating with NTT Tier-1 Global IP Backbone
•  Cloud Connect Solution with Megaport PoP
•  24x7 customized service operation support, smart & remote hand services
•  Global standard for information security,ISO 27001 certified
•  PCI DSS compliant ensuring security of online transactions  
•  TVRA compliant, secure infrastructure for financial institutions
One-stop Data Center Solutions
Business Resumption Center
Professional Services
•  Data Center Customization and Migration
•  Smart Hand Services
Managed Data Center Operation Services
•  Green Disposal Service
•  Tape Backup Management
•  IP Transit & Premium Internet Connectivity
•  Inter-Data Center Connectivity
•  Cloud Connect Service (Megaport)
•  Global Leased Line Service (IPLC/IEPL)
Cloud Service
•  Private Cloud
•  Hybrid and Multicloud
•  Cloud Storage
•  Cloud Backup
Let us help you to build a resilient business

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