The workplace is not an office – it’s people 
Together we enable the connected future 
Watch the panel discussion featuring our CHRO, CMO and workplace expert as they discuss what we’ve learned from our own approach to a distributed workforce, as well as the key findings from our 2020 Intelligent Workplace Benchmark Report.

The world of work is facing a watershed. With the hasty emergence of distributed workforces in every industry and region, we’re compelled to reimagine the workplace – where it is, what it looks like and, most importantly, who it’s for.

As a company that focuses on service delivery, our number one priority has always been to keep the promises we make to our clients. Over the past few months we’ve had to change the way we operate in order to fulfil this mandate. This has provided us with a deeper insight into our own ability to support our people and our clients as we respond to change.
Listen to our experts discuss the reimagined workplace 
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