Managed Services Assessment – helping you thrive through change

Organizations’ demand for unprecedented agility has accelerated, and adaptable technology services have become ever more important in meeting this. Do you have processes in place that enable your business to pivot and scale to take advantage of new opportunities?

Is your organization bold, brave and resilient?

Understand more about potential blockers to your ability to being bold and brave.

Which of the following are important to your business strategy?
(Select all that apply)

In the last 12 months, which outcomes have you achieved from your digital transformation/technology strategy?
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Which are your main IT challenges?
(Select all that apply)

In which of the following areas do you have a shortage of the required skills within your organization?
(Select all that apply)

Which of the following technologies are you using to enable your future technology and business strategies?
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How much of your IT is currently managed by 3rd parties?
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In the last year, to what degree has your organization changed its focus to scale or take advantage of market opportunity?
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