Hybrid Cloud VDI Solutions
Prepare for Future Workplace Realities
Hybrid Cloud VDI is the ultimate solution to future-proof your workplace with highest level of mobility. It solves key challenges facing businesses during uncertain times, as on-premise solutions are being stressed with increased remote networking, bandwidth, VPN  appliances costs, and more to support the sudden surge of remote users.
Hybrid Cloud VDI Solutions with Microsoft Azure
Benefits of Hybrid Cloud VDI Solutions
•  A mixture of on-premise, public, and private cloud hosting to meet enterprise’s compliance requirements while still enjoying the benefits of the cloud

•  Improved scalability

•  Faster deployment time

•  Better cost management

•  Seamless user experience

•  Enhance security controls using Azure’s native security and compliance features

We also offer Public Cloud VDI and traditional On-premise VDI solutions
depending on your business needs.
Full Suite of Solutions Support Your Remote Work
and Mobility Needs
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Hybrid Cloud
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Case Studies
Noatum Maritime
a leading maritime, logistics, and port services company, adopted our VDI solution to rapidly optimize their systems and deploy additional capacity to an additional 700 remote users, ensuring that their employees can seamlessly access their applications and maintain smooth operations                               
A large Asian insurance provider
has adopted our Cisco WebEx and VMWare Workspace One with Horizon VDI solution to grant its remote employees access to critical applications, creating a virtual platform for employees in Singapore and Malaysia to maintain their regular planning and executive committee meetings
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