Secure Remote Access Solutions
Prepare for Future Workplace Realities
The recent global pandemic has brought not just public health threats but cyber threats. Loopholes in cybersecurity that could threaten business operations are being revealed as more rapidly shift to cloud applications and remote work. In our 2020 Global Threat Intelligence Report (GTIR), we demonstrate that cyberattackers have leveraged the pandemic to disrupt businesses since mid-January, and that attack type and volume have escalated daily.

NTT Ltd. adheres to the concept of being Secure by Design. Our Secure Remote Access solutions cover holistic architecture from infrastructure, to applications and Endpoint, ensuring that your remote workplace is well protected from major targeted attacks including malware, identity theft, and eavesdropping.
Secure Remote Access Solutions
Key Components
Cloud Applications Security Brokers  
Global Gateway to Filter Malware and Cyberattacks
Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)
Encrypt in-transit and Multi-factor Authentication
Secure Remote Connection (VPN)
Full Suite of Solutions Support Your Remote Work
and Mobility Needs
Secure Remote
Access Solutions
Hybrid Cloud
VDI Solutions
Digital Event
Case Studies
A Prominent Hong Kong Bank
has deployed a multi-factor authentication solution with identity governance and user lifecycle management to securely connect their remote employees to their networks, data and applications, enabling them to continuously serve their clients in a committed, timely manner                                
One of the Philippines' Largest Conglomerates
based in APAC used our Modern Collaboration Solution with Microsoft Teams to connect with their employees at diversified locations, including staff in highly sensitive areas with low connectivity such as oil rigs.
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