We believe all hospitals should be secure

Together, we are doing our part by providing emergency cybersecurity
incident response services at no cost to help frontline hospitals.

Hospitals around the world are coming under repeated attack during the current crisis, including ransomware, malware and the attempted theft of critical medical records. NTT Ltd. is deploying our highly skilled security consultants to offer incident response and remediation services at no cost to hospitals in North America, Europe, the UK, Ireland, South Africa, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, and Singapore. Hospitals can contact us to find out if they pre-qualify, and we will provide a statement of work to qualified hospitals that details the scope of services.

We stand by our healthcare providers and are ready to help. 

What cybersecurity threats are
we seeing? 
Criminal organizations and hackers often take advantage of a crisis to escalate their attacks. The COVID-19 pandemic is no exception. Hospitals in particular have experienced an increase in cybersecurity threats, at the same time that their resources are stretched providing patient care and saving lives.  Ransomware, encrypting applications and files until a ransom is paid, has been the main threat, along with attempts to steal financial information and patient medical records. See our latest Monthly Threat Report here.
How can NTT help?

Our cybersecurity consultants will work with your team to understand the nature of the security breach and how we can help you to address it. For eligible hospitals, we will offer Incident Response Remediation services at no cost, for up to 40 hours, to hospitals in North America, Europe, the UK, Ireland, South Africa, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, and Singapore. Hospitals can contact us to find out how we can help them. This offer will be available for 60 days, starting April 7, 2020. Full details of the scope of this service will be found in a Statement of Work so clients have full visibility into how the work will be performed. Services typically include:
  1. Remote deployment of NTT’s Incident Response tools
  2. Focus on containment and remediation of the attack
  • Stop the attack
  • Incident rating/priority
  • Remediation and restoration of services
  • Excludes digital forensics
NTT is a leader in cybersecurity

The Security division of NTT Ltd.’s has a long track record in Incident Response. We are one of the few global security services providers with a global CREST accreditation. Our consultants operate around the world, leveraging the resources of our 2000+ security specialists and $3.6B annual R&D budget. NTT has visibility into a very large proportion of global Internet backbone traffic, providing a unique benefit in traffic analysis capability.
Let us help so you can focus on patient care.

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