Securing organizations against the SolarWinds cybersecurity threat

Together, we are doing our part by providing a specialized cyber threat sensor and emergency cybersecurity incident response services to identify and mitigate risks associated with the SolarWinds attacks. #TechforGood

What cybersecurity threats are we seeing?
Criminal organizations and hackers often take advantage of a crisis to escalate their attacks. In December a supply chain attack through SolarWinds’ commonly-used network management software allowed malware to be distributed to at least 18,000 organizations around the world. A software update of the SolarWinds Orion application contained a digitally-signed backdoor enabling the attackers to then operate undetected within an affected organization’s environment, potentially exposing it’s applications and data. Since the initial disclosure, the US and other governmental authorities have further identified potential additional threat actors delivering malware known as Sunburst to SolarWinds users.  NTT has published a blog outlining the attacks, implications for enterprises, and best practices for reducing risk such as identifying affected versions, patching, and creating a look-up list in an organization’s Security Incident and Event Monitoring platform.

How can NTT help ?

In response to these supply chain attacks, NTT will provide enterprises and public sector agencies that believe themselves to be at risk of compromise with a 30-day trial of our Specialized Sensor for SolarWinds Detection and Notification for AWS and Google Cloud Platform environments, at no charge.

Clients can then choose to engage with NTT for a more in-depth review, analysis, recommendations, and remediation, including rapid compromise assessment. NTT can also provide ongoing managed security services such as Security Operations Center as a Service (SOCaaS) and development of an overall Strategy for Supply Chain Security Assurance to help clients monitor their technology assets and reduce risk from future threats.

NTT is a leader in cybersecurity
The Security division of NTT Ltd. has a long track record in Incident Response. We are one of the few global security services providers with a global CREST accreditation. Our consultants operate around the world, leveraging the resources of our 2000+ security specialists, global network of Security Operations Centers, and $3.6B annual R&D budget. NTT has visibility into a very large proportion of global Internet backbone traffic, providing a unique benefit in traffic analysis capability.
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