In a transformed world

Entire global businesses are currently operating remotely, testing their application performance management capabilities to the limit and highlighting inevitable performance, availability and security issues.

To unravel application complexity and avoid future entanglements, organizations are seeking advice on how to design and deploy Visibility and Performance management tools that can provide the right, real-time automated data to transform application visibility and drive business innovation.

What’s your complexity challenge?

  • Identifying the root cause of slow or unavailable applications
  • Boosting performance to enhance customer experience
  • Maximizing the value of cloud
  • Security by design

Visibility and performance management answers these and many more questions.

Take a deep dive into the components

Get real visibility for better performance

Enhance your customer experience

See exactly where and how your customers are connecting with your business – across all your mobile apps and websites – no matter what device they’re using.

Maintain visibility

Connect your applications’ performance and customer experience to business outcomes for a 360° picture of your application and network performance.

Speed of resolution

Create better customer experiences and quickly resolve issues by automatically capturing errors, crashes, network requests, page load details and other metrics.

Get proactive

Adapt and make improvements without introducing risk or threatening performance and availability.

From the cloud to the end-user

Understand costs everywhere

Know the costs of your data provider and data centre.

Application monitoring on-premises, in the cloud, at the branch, for continuous application performance while minimizing costs.

Benchmark for success

Baseline workload performance before, during and after migration.

Baseline every wireless network, SD-WAN.

Baseline app performance.

Focus on SAP

Monitor SAP as part of your larger application ecosystem.

Single pane of glass.

Assess underlay network (internet) path when migrating to cloud-managed services.

Stress test your applications

Pre and post cloud migration.

Simulate app performance in a range of scenarios, including new apps coming to market.


Use software to drive automation through expertly-designed tooling.

Take control of your enterprise applications, from strategy and implementation to managed services

The European Competency Center is our specialist practice with industry-leading expertise in Visibility and Application Performance Management.

Our dedicated team provides clients with the insights and practical services that enable data-driven decision making. We work with you to pinpoint the primary causes of poor performance or user experience and challenges across hybrid IT environments.

Through alignment with industry-leading partners including AppDynamics and ThousandEyes, both Cisco companies, NTT Ltd. brings a solution that provides greater visibility, proactive performance management, and automated issue identification to resolve network and application issues in a timely and secure manner.

Secure your business and applications

Zero trust security

Protect your workforce, workloads and data.

Secure all access across your network, applications, and environment – from users, devices, APIs, IoT, microservices, containers and more.

Application-based security

Understand application behaviours and automate micro segmentation policy generation and enforcement.

Use advanced security analytics for faster anomaly detection and proactively reduce your attack surface.

Understand the use and access of data within the customer journey to ensure

Granular network security

Automatically detect non-compliant devices so you always know what’s active in your network.

Comprehensively detect late-stage attack activities using ML-based behavior, rules, and custom triggers.

Assess relevant context and evidence in clicks to easily resolve incidents with confidence.

Threat detection inside the perimeter, and intelligent response at scale.

Get more details on how Visibility and Application Performance Management can help your business.

How we deliver

See how NTT, AppDynamics and ThousandEyes work in partnership to deliver an end-to-end solution that covers all our clients’ bases in a centralized data hub.

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NTT, AppDynamics and ThousandEyes: Enriching the application experience


The role of visibility and performance management in maximizing your hybrid cloud investment and driving business innovation.

Read the paper

Sharing knowledge to untie application performance knots

When applications are the lifeblood of your business, their performance defines success. Gaining visibility and performance metrics of applications dispersed across your hybrid cloud is mission critical, but is not an easy task.

There are many drivers for an organization to invest in application monitoring and often an immediate, tactical yet high profile challenge quickly results in an understanding of the long-term business value of APM.

Even during this period of uncertainty and rapidly changing priorities, by sharing NTT Ltd.’s knowledge and AppDynamics’ and ThousandEyes’ tools, clients can build internal capability and confidence to maintain world-class digital experiences both internally and externally.

Download the paper to learn:

  • How application performance monitoring can be used to inform hybrid cloud strategy and investment
  • How application visibility and performance monitoring translate into business innovation
  • How the Competency Center helps clients on their journey
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