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As businesses across the globe continue to adjust to the ongoing impact of COVID-19, there is no doubt that the threat has not gone away. The ability for organizations to be agile and responsive is key to navigating the current and future challenges. Our Transformation in Action virtual event takes a closer look at the implications of the disruption on your hybrid infrastructure and provides recommendations on how to optimize your infrastructure, simplify management, connect employees and customers, and secure your data in a hybrid environment.

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16 September, 2020





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Master of Ceremonies

Introduction and welcome

An overview of NTT Ltd.’s hybrid cloud strategy – sharing how we’re evolving our solutions to meet our clients changing needs and also what we’ve learned from our own cloud transformation.

Analyst keynote: Key hybrid cloud trends in 2020

Liam Eagle examines how cloud is shaping the enterprise agenda in 2020, focusing on findings of recent research conducted for NTT Ltd.

NTT keynote: Optimizing your hybrid cloud for business agility

Andy Cocks takes a look at how we’re meeting our clients’ data centers and hybrid cloud requirements and business objectives, by unlocking benefits such as services and commercial innovation, secured and simplified IT operations. Bringing in our hybrid cloud experts, Andy will also facilitate a discussion highlighting how clients have leveraged our technology and managed services, automation and NTT Services platform, integrated with key partners, to deliver on these outcomes.

A hybrid cloud strategy that is Secure by Design

Matthew Gyde explores how an organization can be cybersecurity conscious at all levels of their hybrid cloud strategy – bringing together people, process and technology so that security is built-in, not bolted on. He will talk through our clients’ experiences moving toward Secure by Design, and NTT’s solutions to enable that transformation.

Regional breakouts

UK & Ireland

Shaping IT strategy in a cloud world

The traditional approach to building IT requires organizations to predict what the future may hold. However, the gap between the past and future creates a challenge in understanding how to shape the present.

In this breakout, UK&I CTO Stephen Green leads a discussion with experts from NTT Ltd. around best practices for optimizing your cloud strategy including; how to leverage public cloud to accelerate your journey and how organizational behaviour must evolve to avoid common pitfalls in a cloud world.


COVID-19 changed everything: How NTT Ltd’s European IT strategy withstood the crisis, and what lessons were learnt

In March 2020 6,000 people in 15 countries left over 80 offices and became home workers. In this breakout NTT Ltd.’s VP IT for Europe will share how his Total Mobility strategy came into play enabling secure remote working ensuring our business continued to operate as usual. He’ll also describe how all plans are only really tested when they go live, the lessons he and his team learnt when the unimaginable happened – 6,000 people needed to work from home; effective tomorrow.

Middle East & Africa

A new approach to cloud: It’s as much a change in mindset as it is a new venue

Dimension Data’s Principal Head for Cloud will unpack the ways of utilising world-class automation to achieve operational efficiencies for faster, reliable and secure deployments that offer consistent and repeatable infrastructures. Jeff will also take us through an example of how we accomplished this by using a proven toolchain making your transition to any public cloud environment a secure and seamless journey.

‘It is all linked to DevOps and how we have the process, people and tooling to help our clients in the immediate future,’ says Jeff.

Asia Pacific

Navigating your hybrid cloud journey

Hear from leading organizations on their hybrid cloud strategies and measurement of success.

‘It is all linked to DevOps and how we have the process, people and tooling to help our clients in the immediate future,’ says Jeff.

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