In a world transformed,

how are you evolving your workplace?

Covid-19 has fundamentally impacted best practices for workplace processes, methodologies, locations, technologies and designs.

Harnessing and optimizing the resultant change is vital for business performance and the experience of employees.

To help you understand your progress in evolving your workplace, we have created a short assessment to benchmark your progress against other organizations - based on our detailed global research - and provide a range of best practice recommendations to keep you moving forward.

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Which, if any, of these objectives will be important to your organization within the next 24 months? (max 5 answers)

How would you rate where you are in achieving a modern and digitized workplace?

Which of the following outcomes have you achieved from your workplace strategy in the last 12 months? (max 5 answers)

What do you view as the most important benefits to modernizing your workplaces? (max 5 answers)

To what extent is the value of the employee experience (EX) recognized within your organization?

How are you looking to reshape your physical office space to meet your organization’s future needs? (max 5 answers)

Which of the following tools and technologies are part of your current workplace strategy?

Which, if any, of the following form part of your organization’s focus on sustainability? (max 5 answers)

Which of the following standards for wellbeing and / or sustainability does your organization adhere to?

The world of work is facing a watershed moment, and it’s a great time to define the future.

Your answers indicate that your workplace maturity score is , out of a maximum of 300.