How cyber-resilient is your business in a time of crisis?

While we experience the effects of a global pandemic, and the resulting complex threat landscape, it is increasingly difficult for organizations to manage and mitigate risk.

As such, there is no better time to test the resiliency of your business.

To help you assess your cybersecurity capabilities, we have created a short tool to provide you with a snapshot assessment of your organization’s cybersecurity maturity.

Try it now and see how you benchmark against other organizations.

Over the next 12 months, which factors are important to your organization?

Is cybersecurity discussed regularly in the boardroom?

How do you think the pandemic has impacted your security and governance posture?

How agile and resilient is your cybersecurity posture?

Does your organization have an incident response plan in the event of a security breach, and how often is it tested?

Our in-house resources and skills in cybersecurity are:

With regards to your organization's use of cybersecurity tools and technology, is your organization:

With regards to regulation on cybersecurity in the countries that your organization operates in, what is your organization's level of expertise?

On which of the following threats and issues is your organization informed?

Thank you for completing your responses.

These indicate that your organization has scored #160;