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Deploy, manage, and scale AI workloads across your enterprise with NVIDIA AI Enterprise. Certified by NVIDIA. Optimized for VMware. Delivered by NTT.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming every industry, from life science and medical research organizations seeking to accelerate breakthroughs in treatments, to financial services companies looking to deploy advanced fraud detection solutions, to retailers exploring insights and enhancing experiences through the analysis of their customer data.

A recent poll conducted by Gartner revealed that 66% of organizations increased, or kept their AI investments unchanged, despite the global pandemic. In the same survey, 75% of respondents claimed that they would continue or start new AI initiatives as they moved into the "Renew" phase of their organization's post-pandemic reset.

While many organizations are keen to unlock the business value that AI promises, they are often still working to find and implement the right strategy and platform to enable success.

Three key challenges to deploying enterprise AI workloads

  1. Risk - Only 53% of AI projects make it from pilot to production, with the complexity of integrating AI solutions with existing infrastructure cited among the top three barriers to AI implementation.1
  2. Performance - High performance is critical for AI, machine learning and data analytics workloads. Fast time to deployment is also critical.
  3. Scaling - Going from proof of concept to enterprise deployment requires effective scaling and infrastructure cost management. This means making efficient use of precious GPU resources, as well as ensuring manageability and availability.

Unleashing AI for every enterprise with NVIDIA and VMware

NTT Ltd. is a UKI launch partner for the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software suite. This suite is a key component of the collaboration between VMware and NVIDIA that unlocks the power of AI for every business by delivering an end-to-end enterprise platform optimized for AI workloads.

The platform enables enterprise IT teams to upgrade the enterprise data center to be AI-capable by leveraging the existing VMware vSphere infrastructure they've already invested in. This also allows IT to eliminate AI infrastructure silos that are difficult to manage and secure. With NVIDIA AI Enterprise, IT can support AI in their core data center, managing availability, optimizing resource allocation, and ensuring security of valuable IP and customer data.

With the AI-ready enterprise platform, organizations can:

  • Deploy with confidence - Avoid AI silos and simplify management by leveraging virtualization to fold AI deployments into existing enterprise infrastructure.
  • Boost AI performance - Get near bare-metal performance for AI and machine learning training and inference, with the added benefits of enterprise-grade security, manageability and efficiency.
  • Scale without compromise - Enable high availability for AI workloads which simplifies infrastructure maintenance such as consolidation, expansion and upgrades.

What's next?

AI applications hold the potential to deliver an enormous amount of business value. However, before you can unlock that value, it's critical to understand the business problem you're trying to solve with AI. NTT Ltd. is in a unique position to help organizations explore their use cases before working with infrastructure and application leaders to leverage NVIDIA AI Enterprise software, together with our broader hybrid cloud, colocation and network infrastructure capabilities, to establish value and accelerate transformation.

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